I made myself a promise a while back that I would come out to my parents before I turn 18 (which is in twelve days), and I was so ready to tell them today, but my mom wasn’t even home for half an hour before she started getting irritated with everything, and now I can’t tell anyone because we’re all in a bad mood.

Sometimes I don’t think I’m ever going to leave the closet.

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  1. lochnessiecc said: Tell them! It might bring you all together again! If not and you want to wait until everyone is happy, families don’t stay in bad moods forever
  2. ofcoltsandcrossbows said: Good luck, mate. :) One day, you’ll be able to tell them. All of your followers know; you’re out of the closet to them. Now, your parents remain. You’ll get there eventually.
  3. utluceant said: coming out of the closet is always hard, no matter what closet is it D:
  4. dakishimetesuki said: You should just do it. The longer you wait the harder it’s going to be. You’re always going to come up with some reason to not tell them, there never really is a “right” time. Once it’s done, regardless of the outcome, you’ll feel better.
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